Progress report nr. 14

This week has gone past so fast. work has ben crazy, not because there where a lot of customers but because they all decided to come at the same time really late at night. Which meant that I had to stay late almost everyday.

but back to the Aikido side of things. My focus this week has been on keeping structure while moving, which is a rather big challenge when I still have trouble keeping my balance standing still. Though I did not feel I got any better this week, it fostered some experiments that might  cast some light on other problems I have.

the first and most important discovery is that without the direct focus on my feet and legs, my grounding goes straight out the window, so even though I’ve gotten better at it, it’s stil not a skill that is ingrained enough to be left to it self. That is why I’ll continue to focus on my feet for the next couple of weeks until Christmas break.

some other interesting thing I found out mainly involve the tension level in my body. One of the days I tried out an experiment on my upper body. Basically it was trying to let go of all tension in the upper body and just move. this same strategy has yielded great results in my legs, but for the upper body it is a little different. I have a lot of tension in shoulders and neck, which is really good to let go of, it’s the same reason it was good for my legs, they are incredibly tense, but my arms are what you might call hypotone, in lack of tension. Therefor it was not the way to for them, this is something that will take a lot more training and tinkering to figure out in the future.

I tried to do the same with my face on another occasion, mostly because the long days at work caused me to have some annoying tension headaches, it seemed to help a little, but had a somewhat negative effect on my concentration, so it might be worth looking into unwanted tensions in my body, as well as under developed areas in the future, but for now I’ll keep my focus on my legs so that can become a unconscious skill set, then I’ll move onto the tension balance of my body after that.

have a nice week.


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  1. Thanks Peter. I hope that you get some time off work over Christmas. Have a good one, and new year also. Lots of Candles hopefully, as they have in Denmark over Christmas.


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