Progress report nr. 15

I can only describe this week with one sentence and that is, loss of focus. It is interesting just how much it affect the learning process, when I’m not completely with it. Like I’ve said before if I don’t have focus on my legs, they will crack and hurt and I won’t be able to slide. But when I have focus it goes much better. This week I lost my focus, the reasons are many but I’ll make no excuses because it’s my own learning that is falling behind because of this.

one of the reasons I lost focus, is a reacurring one, I slipped something in my knee and felt a short burst of pain that was too familiar, and since then I was too scared to put any intention behind my movements.

another one that came up for a short while was the fear of being ridiculed, basically I was scared of looking bad, so all my focus went to how I was looking instead of feeling inwards how I was moving.

you could say that these are all bad things and I should feel bad for being like that, but I see it as part of my growth, I’m human and I have faults, the thing is I need to be aware of them and always try to better myself. It’s a long and twisted path.

so next week I’ll have the goal of keeping focus, espessially on my legs, since I really want to get better so I can become more.

thank you and have a nice week.



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