New years report

i can’t exactly say that training has been of the frist priority during the break. For some reason the time has gone so fast and so many things to do, and I’m still not done, so the last couple of days will probably pass by just as fast.

actually I’m a little scared of returning to training, since I’ve done no training, and I fell like I’ve lost all of the connectiveness I had with my body before the break.

Ive tried to keep my focus on my mind, but what I’ve realised is not the way to keep up focus, but an area in which I could stand to improve. It is easy to keep your focus when you’re by yourself in a quite room, to stay connected to your body while laying still on a floor, but the real challenge is to do this while in motion, while you’re surrounded by noise and people.

this has always been very hard for me, I can’t say whether it’s because i have a small attention span, or because I can’t close out sense impressions, what I do know is that when I’m alone I can concentrate very clearly, but when I’m surrounded by people my focus, goes out the window, and everything becomes a blur, I become tense and my mind stops working.

of course it is nice to be able to concentrate while in quite surroundings, but it will only serve you in those surroundings, as soon as you step out in real life it is not like that, so I’ll have to learn to carry over the same relaxedness into my everyday life as I have when I’m by myself. So this week I’ll look into this, and try to keep relaxed while in company or when life knocks on the door.

happy new year.


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  1. Thanks Peter, for your Post. Good luck and good new year to you and your fellow Kenshusei, and all at Mugenjuku in Kyoto.
    Please find a Shrine and pray to the Rain Tengu to stop it raining in England. We are flooded and have had enough !!


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