Progress report nr. 17

A light start to training this week, but I’m already tired, so I’m looking forward to next week…

so over the holidays I’ve had my attention on focus, and do think I’ve made a little progress in that area. I do realise that I need time and space, and that requires that I find a room to be by myself which is not always possible. That is why I’ve made it a point to train my focus while at work, by trying to relax even though there is a constant need for being on in some way or another.

Keeping focus is good and all but what am I keeping focus on, the moon might be ever so beautiful but that won’t help if you’re staring at the ground. so what is it that I want to get better at?

now that it’s a new year and a new beginning I believe in going back to what got me started on all this, which is my search for mastery over movement quality. basically you move with your body, but it’s the mind behind the movement that gives it an impulse, from there it’s given an image through the body by what the body is capable of and by the space you move in. but it is not really the expression that interest me as much as it is the movement itself, for what makes for an efficient movement, is my question. at what point are you moving too much or too little, some ways destroy the body while other builds it up.

The concepts that I’ve learned so far that are important is structure (body alignment or balance) and connection (for now I’ll call grounding, connecting to the ground, but connection is also connecting with the hands or body). these are concepts that I’ve worked on, and have found a great use of in my search.

One concept I keep being told about is the centre, some call it Hara or tan-tian, but this is one I find hard to find, I believe it has something to do with my tight hips, so it will be something to work on with even greater termination this year.

So for next week I’ll be focused on moving from the centre, while paying attention to my attention of my centre.

Have a nice week.



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