Progress report nr. 19

This week has gone by very fast, and it fells like there is very little time left, though I know the next couple of weeks are going to be really hard.

I have had many plans during the year for what I could do for my vacation in March, but have finally come to the conclusion that the best plan, is for me to stay here to work and train. Going home would be way too expensive, and going anywhere else would just be wasting valuable time. I have made a list though of places that I wish to go in the future. This includes, Hokkaido, Taiwan and Thailand. So there is plenty to look forward to.

this weeks training has been focused on relaxing into balance. Which has been a good choice, because I’ve made some progress in getting my back foot heavy, but I’ve also seen some major weak points in my concentration, especially when I try to move fast, such as when I get stressed or just want to get something done. This week sensei said something that hit me in regards to this. Because of my training in grounding, I’ve found that relaxing is a good way to go about life and that it gives me a lot more energy. The problem arises when you only know how to relax, if you’ve never learned to extent or to push, then once you meet real opposition you will buckle under the load.

basically what he said was, that before you can be soft you must first be strong. And so far I’ve focused so much on being soft that I could never be able to develop some of the more important aspects of aikido, such as focused power, which requires a movement of the entire body to manifest in a single point. And that my connection of whole body or center never would be strong enough to move anything. These are just the implications I can think of, but there are plenty more.

so I still need to focus on relaxing but also on pushing on always going a little deeper then I find comfortable. I still have a lot to learn.



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