Progress report nr. 21

So this week has been a little crazy to say the least. First of all its Kan geiko, which means we have special training early in the morning, which isn’t so bad since we get off a little earlier, but very tiring since I have to get up at around 5.30 every day. At the same time I’ve had a lingering cold since last week, with some bad outbreaks at the ending of last week and this week. I’m still not on top, but trying my best not to make it affect my schedule too much.

So what are the important points for this week, well they aren’t so different from all the other weeks, they are about finding balance between the two legs, keeping posture and learning to relax when under pressure. 

But before that I’ve come to realise that my ukemi still is bad, I made some inquires into basic ukemi for kihon dosa this week and realised Ive been doing it wrong specifically hirikinojousei 1 and 2. The most important point is that I’m not going for the connection, but merely for the feeling, which translates into me having a lot of trouble taking ukemi on turning techniques like kotegaeshi. On that I’m also incredibly stiff so everything really hurts me.

I’ve been playing with my balance over the past week and it’s really interesting how small things can make a big difference. Simply by connecting my upper and lower body in the center I can get my feet rather staple, but the back foot is still light when I move. 

The back foot seems to be fixed by pushing in with the lower back, trying to sink the hips into the ground, but is really hard for me to maintain. But that’s the main point, by now I am able to get into a somewhat stable position but if I move I lose it, and if my feet are off by just a few cm I can’t get stable. So for now it’s a matter of 1. Finding the position and 2. Maintaining it.

At work I’ve also paid attention to my posture, and its interesting to see that I actually go into a position that is more demanding on the body simply because I’m tired. I know that if I keep good posture and breath, that I can do my work with very little effort. But my mind is tired so I revert back to what I find comfortable, which usually also requires some twist of the spine and from that more effort. There is not much to be said on that point exempt that I got to keep working on it.

On the last point it might be clear from my opening statement that I’ve been a little under pressure the last couple of weeks, I basically don’t have time to eat nor sleep, so everything is pushed. The point is that as soon as I get pushed I loss contact I forget everything I’ve worked so hard at, like the posture at work, I revert back to using force, to being unaware. This is by no means a new point but it’s something to work on.

So I’ll continue my research into balance and posture for the next week, but also add the object of writing at least a page in my journal everyday, this is something I’ve negcleted for a little to long.



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