Progress report nr. 22

So I’ve been a little stressed over the last weeks and haven’t had much time that is also why this report has been delayed with a week. I still have a lot to do, but one of them is to look into my goals for the week.

I’ve kept to my promise and made a few notes almost every night before I went to sleep, so that I’m really proud of, for this is really an opportunity to learn and it only comes ones in a lifetime, so I better spend every minute I can learning. 

So from these writings came up a few points that I find really on point when it come to these weekly goals. It has to do with the focus that I’ve been so focused on over the last few weeks, it turns out I’ve actually spread my focus too thin, so that is something to improve upon, so I’ll focus on only one point at a time, like I was told to begin with, and go from there.

I have three major points that I’m working on, one is hips forward the other is keeping connected with the floor and the third is posture. This week I finally got my hips forward, with the help of Payet sensei and found a way to maintain it somewhat without twisting, I really want to do this.

But for this week I find it more important to focus on releasing the last bit of tension that I’ve found in my left knee that is hurting me. So this week I’ll work on that, then next week I’ll have total focus on keeping my hips forward.

Have a nice week.



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