Thank You Ron – Farewell

March 30th marked the last day of Ron’s month long intensive training “vacation” away from Toronto, Canada.  The sights, sounds, and experiences of Kyoto and beyond were thoroughly explored by Ron during his visit and his nights were spent relaxing and having fun at the Kenshusei Apartment, but the real focus of his trip was to deepen his understanding of Yoshinkan Aikido, to establish an even stronger connection with this art, and prepare himself to continue and expand his already accomplished status as a Yoshinkan Sensei back home.  During the day when not training Ron was often at the park writing in his journal and reflecting upon his training experiences.

The veterans of the Kenshusei apartment and Mugenjuku Dojo students had far more opportunity to connect with Ron over his month long visit than I did in a mere week, but I still feel confident in expressing the mutual love and respect we all hold for each other and Ron as a Mugenjuku family.

Ron’s Beautiful Gift to the Dojo – there is quite the story behind this work. When you see him, ask about it.

After our last practice together, we traveled across the street from the dojo to celebrate the occasion of Ron’s visit and to wish him safe travels for his return trip to Toronto.  Till next time Ron!




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