Shiramine Shrine – Golden Week Enbu

On May 5th the Shiramine Shrine hosted an Enbu celebrating Japanese Budo.  Opening ceremonies and dedication began at 9am followed by Mugenjuku’s demonstrations as the beginning to the all-day event.  Kenshusei, Kids, Sewanin, and instructors all performed various prepared demonstrations Ukemi, Waza, and Jiyu Waza.  Payet Sensei then demonstrated Jiyu Waza with two Uke’s, Chris Sensei and Andy Sensei.


This Link will direct you to a shared folder of temporarily available videos of enbu performances.  Please feel free to download these videos for personal use while they are still available:

Link to Videos


After the Enbu, the Mugenjuku Dojo family travelled to the children’s park in the Imperial Palace grounds for picnic and games.  The Aikido Kids and siblings were tireless, even after instructors, sewanin, and kenshusei took turns playing “catch the kids.”




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