One month


” 幸福になりたければ人を喜ばすことを勉強しなさい” ( M.プリオール 英 詩人)
” 合気道歴の有無問わず”



It has been one month since the Kenshusei course began. After finishing our first enbu on 5th May, I feel happiness to be a member of Mugenjuku.

At the beginning of April, I saw the message on my calendar.
“If you want to be happy, learn something which makes people glad.” ( by  M.Prior, English poet )
The site of the Kenshusei course says,
“That decision changes your life.”
“It doesn’t matter what previous aikido experience you have.”

I wasn’t sure about registering right up till the deadline; however, I called them. Now my life has been moving again.

There is much I appreciate: my teachers teaching me very warmly even though I’m a beginner, all the fifth year Kenshusei who are keeping excellent balance and supporting each other, all the members of Mugenjuku who are really nice, my family, and my home town Kyoto.
I thank you all very much.
I’ll do my best for our second month.

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