What is a Kenshusei, and what does being Kenshusei mean?

This question was posed to us Kenshusei earlier in the week.  We were asked to contemplate this question and prepare to discuss our thoughts after Friday Keiko.  This blog entry is a compilation of a few paraphrased excerpts from today’s conversation.

Note: Past and Previous Kenshusei, please feel empowered to expand, connect, or correct as you deem fit in the comments section below.

(A) Kenshusei is:

  • A challenge to overcome and grow from as an individual
  • A non-individual, a component of the dojo who is fulfilling a roll of service for others, and who is willing to sacrifice self for the growth and improvement of others and the dojo
  • A path to becoming an empathetic instructor and leader, who works to earn respect through hard work and grit, and is aware of the effects and consequences (both positive and negative) of expectations, commands, and instructional styles
  • A student of Japanese Culture and the Spirit of Budo
  • A team who must learn to love and accept each other even when”we see each other at our worst” because we all need help when we fall (And we all do at some point)
  • A Challenge
  • A Dream
  • An Opportunity
  • A Life Changer
  • A Life Saver
  • To be Kenshusei you must “Take Care of Yourself” and your body, yet simultaneously throw hazard to the wind and resist the urge to preserve self, in many ways “kill yourself,” in order to give it your all   (Inherently a paradox that makes sense when felt but is hard to explain)

What is a Kenshusei, and what does being Kenshusei mean?」への1件のフィードバック

  1. All of these are valid points and I think there are some very nice points too.

    Kenshusei is a journey, and an opportunity for you as an individual to grow but also be the light to help others grow at the same time.

    As kenshusei you should become a character in the dojo, eventually, but first you must think nothing of yourself and give yourself to the dojo, it’s teachers and most of all the other students.

    In time you will gain the respect and from this you will earn self respect.

    You have to always remember that you are representing your dojo and everything one and everything that it stands for…so be concous of behaviour and choices.

    As kenshusei you should strive to be the heart of the dojo…the beat that keeps the atmosphere and spirit high when people who have not had your experiences have trouble facing hardship. Your a piller for people to lean on and the ignition to their flame…in essence you have to blend and be what is needed at that given time.

    Good luck to you all.



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