Gift 贈り物



July has finished with surprising jet speed. We passed our first test and we’ve started a new technique in Dai-Ni.
There were many events at the end of July and now I’m aware that it’s already mid-summer.

How I feel after finishing Dai-ichi when looking back over our path until now is, that we have and are learning very important things everyday. To be taught by someone is a nice gift which lets us share in their life experiences.
Many people have helped me by teaching me various things. The Kenshusei course is the most condensed compilation of difficult content I’ve experienced in my life. Through receiving many gifts, I finished Dai-ichi. I cherish what I received and will make these lessons an important part of me.
Tomorrow is the first day of August. 10days Shochu geiko will start.
I’m again turning a new leaf and will continue to do my best.




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