5 Months a Kenshusei

This weekend afforded us a reprieve from the pressures of our grind through the first half of Dai-Ni curriculum.  Cusped upon the second half of our time as Kenshusei, our (or at least my), conversations outside the dojo are filled with reflections and questions regarding what’s passed and what’s to come (Even though I know I should just be content with doing my best in every present moment).

I’m thinking that it’s unreasonable to try to hold on to feelings of goodness or happiness while simultaneously expecting to transcend or release negativity; all these emotions reside on the same spectrum.  The only option left is to observe with neutrality.  And while this may seem a bleak or dead existence, it’s not.  I believe these emotions can effortlessly be appreciated for happening just as they are allowed to slip away; so that, energies can be solely directed towards prosecuting my purpose in life while listening to my conscience for guidance.



Summer is fading and the natural signs of fall are beginning to show on the practiced, efficient, and repetitive path to the dojo – change is undeniable and inevitable.  And each morning serves to remind that The Sun Also Rises.





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