New Year & New Challenges

Last weekend we celebrated Kagami Baraki at Mugenjuku Kyoto.  We rededicated ourselves to another year of training and development.

Dai Yon has offered us a different regimen of challenges just in the few weeks of 2017 training.  Additional Ippan classes are being attended to gain more experience to a variety of teaching strategies and waza as we prepare for our Shido-Ho examination.  We are covering four to five waza a day in order to review the entire Yoshinkan Kihon Curriculum before our next exam.  We are exploring Tanto Dori Jiyuwaza and Ushiro Ryote Mochi Jiyuwaza.  The body continues to be taxed heavily during this pace and I find my mind more extensively challenged as well with the wider spectrum of curriculum.  Especially as it relates to learning Japanese language and vocabulary in preparation for our final test.

This is an exciting and challenging time, as it also has been, in the Kenshusei course.



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