Гости из России.

На прошлой недели нас посетила команда клуба Сэйбукан из Санкт-Петербурга во главе с Рашитом Гатауллином




Kenshusei life

Part of being a kenshusei is doing things for your seniors at the dojo that you wouldn’t normally want to do. Peter is going the extra mile here….I think he hopes that by doing this, Nick will repay him by making his classes easier. Slim chance…


There’s a lot to learn

I think one of the first things a new kenshusei will discover is that there is a lot to learn. Not only in the dojo but also outside of the dojo. Adjusting to life in Japan and trying to learn the language can be difficult. The good news is, from this year, we’ve been lucky enough to have a university Japanese language teacher volunteer her time to teach Japanese to the kenshusei this year and subsequent years. This once a week, completely free, Japanese lesson is offered exclusively to our kenshusei. If you’re thinking about the doing the course but intimidated by the thought of learning a new language, rest assured you will receive support in that area.

As always, feel free to contact us directly via email with any questions or concerns you may have.

Aikido Mugenjuku

2015 – 2016 Kenshusei course



We started the course this year with four Kenshusei. But by the fifth day we were down to two. Both of the Kenshusei who left decided to do so for the same reason, the course was both too physically and mentally demanding. We are of course disappointed that they have decided to leave but we wish them luck where ever they go from here.

The course is now in its second week. The two remaining Kenshusei have the difficult task of not losing focus which is extremely easy to do with a small class and a long road ahead. We look forward to seeing them grow.








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