Yesterday was a old calendar’s new year’s day, Ichiryumanbaibi (A special day when one peace of rice gives you 10,000 times more power than usual), and this was the first new moon of 2017. This is a very good time to start something new; however, because of having a high fever I stayed in my bed. Today I am relieved and grateful for my health and for my sister who was taking care of me.
There is only one month left in the Kenshusei course; and next week, Kangeiko will start.
I wish for no more cold – please take care.



メアリー•カサット展 Mary Cassatt Retrospective


I went to the exposition of Mary Cassatt( 1844-1926) in the National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto. She moved from the U.S.A. to Europe and became a professional woman painter during an epoch in which no women could enter and study at École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. She and Edgar Degas (1834-1917) shared much and inspired each other in both private and official life.
The art of this woman, who was living in the generation prior to that of Ueshiba Sensei, clearly expresses her soul and her whole life. Observing her work this weekend made my heart feel full and abundant.

神在祭 Kamiari Festival





For the first time of my life, I visited the Kamiari Festival at Izumotaisha.
Praying in front of all the Japanese Gods left me feeling profoundly filled.
I’ve had many wonderful encounters and experiences this year in Mugenjuku, and I prayed that this growth continues into next year too.
While returning, I had a beautiful healing experience at Tamatsukuri Onsen.
I’m ready to continue doing my best this coming week.





初心忘るべからず Don’t forget your original intention


These famous words of Zeami, a Japanese Noh actor and playwright from the 14 century, are not easy to live by,even if they are in front of my eyes at every moment.

He encourages us when he says: “If you keep your drive and are not afraid of novice mistakes, you can face any trials even in middle and advanced age. And at the same time, embrace and learn from failure.”
I’ve often lost track of this philosophy in my studies, work and relationships.

In my view, I must actively engage my mind at every moment with concentration and focus to better live up to this teaching and create a better version of myself.

From my limited experience of Aikido, I would liken this feeling to that of a rooted yet agile Shite in Jiyu waza. Quick and self-assured sagacity and an ability to take appropriate action as it relates to one’s mind are required to create harmonious movement while entering into an aggressor without them knowing what is coming. I want to be very proactive but calm at the same time.

I was thinking, if I can rise to having this state of being, I would be able to push my limits in every domain of my life.

There are only three months left in this year. I’d like to continue to steadily grow, little by little, my capacity to live this philosophy. This is my wish for this new moon.


リトミック Dalcroze Eurhythmics

音楽と運動を通して、楽しく遊びながら子供たちの個々の感受性、可能性、積極性、創造力、表現力、即時反応力などを養うリトミックは、世界中で様々な分野の教育に取り入れられ, 子供からお年寄りまで幅広い年齢層に効果をもたらしています。

This April I started Aikido; and at the same time, Eurhythmics. This other pursuit is also a course for becoming a certified instructor for children. Eurhythmics was developed in the early 20th century by Swisscomposor and educator Émile Jaques-Dalcroze. It’ s also known as the Dalcroze Method.
Through music movements and the enjoyment of play, Eurthythmics urges children to develop individual sensitivity, potentiality, forwardness, originality, expression, quick response and more. This method has wideranging application and benefits for, and can be taught to, a variety of age groups.
I am not good at Piano playing; however, every lesson is very passionate and it gives me inner peace. This course will be finished in February at the same time as the Kenshusei course. I’ll continue to do my best for both of these commitments.

パラマハンサ•ヨガナンダ Paramahansa•Yogananda




※注 “ヨガ”を行ずる者を”ヨギ”という。

The Obon Holiday, which I was waiting for since a long time ago, has already gone and hard training has started again.

During the holiday, I received many powers from the ocean, mountains, lake etc. and I went also to the cinema to watch the documentary movie of the life of Yogi(※), Paramahansa Yogananda, for whom I have great respect. He helped introduce Yoga and meditation to the U.S.A in 1917, a time when these studies were relatively unheard of in the West.
When I read his autobiography about five years ago, I remember that I was so happy to go home every day to turn the next page (the book was very thick and I couldn’t take it outside).
In this movie, there were many episodes which we couldn’t know from the autobiography and I became even more of a fan of him.
He always lived in love and he spent his life spreading the Eastern harmony of mind, body, and soul in the West.
I am very lucky to have been able to find these spirits in Mugenjuku.
I’ll devote my life to living in love; and in this pursuit, I’ve found a powerful role model.

※ We call people who do Yoga,”Yogi”.
“Yoga” means ” to be united ” in Sanscrit and it is a science of old Indian meditation to unite consciousness  with god.

Gift 贈り物



July has finished with surprising jet speed. We passed our first test and we’ve started a new technique in Dai-Ni.
There were many events at the end of July and now I’m aware that it’s already mid-summer.

How I feel after finishing Dai-ichi when looking back over our path until now is, that we have and are learning very important things everyday. To be taught by someone is a nice gift which lets us share in their life experiences.
Many people have helped me by teaching me various things. The Kenshusei course is the most condensed compilation of difficult content I’ve experienced in my life. Through receiving many gifts, I finished Dai-ichi. I cherish what I received and will make these lessons an important part of me.
Tomorrow is the first day of August. 10days Shochu geiko will start.
I’m again turning a new leaf and will continue to do my best.