Guts Ishimatsu ガッツ 石松 visits Shiramine Shrine 白峯神宮

As I mentioned in a previous post, Guts Ishimatsu, a world champion boxer and TV comedian, visited Mugenjuku at Shiramine Shrine to make a TV spot.  The TV show aired on December 10th.  We are still waiting for permission to post the video, but here are some screen shots…

Chris-sensei and Andy-sensei welcome Guts Ishimatsu to the dojo at Shiramine Shrine:



Here is the entire Kenshusei program in one shot:  left to right is Andy-sensei, Izzy (with the Afro hair), Komaki-san (an ippan student), Takenaga’s head (with chomaki), Nick, the great older man who Nick profiled before, Chris-sensei, an ippan student, Guts Ishimatsu, the TV show’s woman, and me.  Of course, Payet-sensei is in the photo.



And here is a photo of Takenaga performing sankajo lock on the world champion boxer…



OK Bokujo!!


kenshusei – 2, Guts Ishimatsu – 0

Last week, Nippon Terebi filmed a TV commercial with Mugenjuku students at Shiramine Shrine.


For the commercial, Guts Ishimatsu, a TV celebrity and former world boxing champion, visited a Mugenjuku training session at Shiramine’s budo dojo.  Guts is famous for loving bananas and for his tagline “OK boku-jo” which translates as “OK corral”.

There were TV cameras, bright lights, and make-up-covered celebrities swarming all over the dojo.  Have you ever had to take ukemi for sokumen iriminage with a camera and stage light shining in your face?

As part of the TV commercial, Guts picked several students to try doing aikido techniques on him.

First, he picked Naomi, who put him in a punishing sankajo lock.

Later, he picked me.  I didn’t know what I was supposed to do because I couldn’t understand the Japanese, but when he grabbed my shirt, I did a variation of kotegaeshi.  Kata mochi kotegaeshi ni, I guess.

So, I guess you could say that, so far, our win-loss record is

Mugenjuku Kenshusei – 2, Guts Ishimatsu – 0

Go, kenshusei!!

The commercial will air on Nippon Terebi (Kyoto channel 10) on Dec 7th at 10:30.

 If we get a clip of the TV commercial, I will try to post it here on the blog, so check back in mid-December if not earlier.