Mugenjuku Kenshusei Course


The Mugenjuku Kenshusei course will take students, regardless of previous Aikido experience, all the way from the beginning basic movements to advanced techniques and jiyu-wza (freestyle). For students with no previous Aikido experience, it will be possible to reach black belt level. For those with previous experience, it will be possible to increase in rank. However, more than just teaching forms and movements, the students will also learn about the relationship between a strong center line, strong balance, and timing. They will learn how to use those together to create extremely powerful techniques. Mugenjuku Kenshusei course Students are expected to always behave in a proper manner showing the proper respect for teachers and other students. Aikido is not a competition and this course is not designed to pit you against other students in a competition. Rather, it is designed to help the student challenge oneself to find their limits and learn how to work past them.