Scott Richards


Scott is originally from Colorado.  After graduating from college, he decided to move to Spain to study abroad and travel Europe.  He returned home to work for a year, then moved to China where he worked as an English Teacher for 3+ years.  He then returned to the US, moved to Boston, and worked as an Occupational Therapist in Adult Rehab, Geriatrics, and in the Public School system for 6 years.  Scott is an avid traveller and spends the majority of his summers, vacations, and money on globetrotting.  2 years ago, he stepped aside from his career to travel the world.  Along the way, he was introduced to Aikido from a friend from Tokyo, and while traveling in Japan, he spent a week doing live-in training in Chiba.  Shortly after leaving Japan, he trained in Jiu Jitsu in Spain for several months, and began preparing himself for a big move to Kyoto to participate in the Kenshusei program.



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