One of my favorite piece of today.

One of my favorite piece of today.

My parents came to Kyoto this weekend and then we went to Miyazu and Maizuru city together.
I found it on the ship JS ASAGIRI of JMSDF in maizuru base.

この字。。     心を掴まれたよ

それか イカ  なのかもしれない

※ ASAGIRI, the 1st ship of ASAGIRI class, was commissioned on March 12th, 1988.
She is a multipurpose destroyer, which has anti-air, anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare capabilities to cope with various types of operations.


One of my favorite piece of today.」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Thank you Takanega, for this interesting Post. Did you take any Photos of Maizuru City, or of the JS ASAGIRI in Dock ?

  2. It’s good weekend for you!!
    Thank you for your sharing.

    いい  掴みだね

    Many words and Images came back for me.
    How was the Miyazu walking time ?


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