Life in Kyoto: April is for cherry blossoms


Famously, the Japanese associate the short-lived cherry blossoms with the life of samurai, which was cut short in the romantic imagination.  So I have always thought it is poetic that the Senshusei and Kenshusei Courses start in April during cherry blossom season.  However, it also makes it difficult to see the blossoms.

Kyoto has many famous places for viewing cherry blossoms.  Last year, I didn’t really get to see any of them because I just dragged myself back to the apartment, poured myself a tall whiskey, and tried to rest my knees and my mind.  But today, between my morning private lessons and teaching in the afternoon, I was able to get to the giant red torii (gateway) of Heian shrine, which is a famous place for viewing the cherry trees along the Lake Biwa Canal.


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