Life in Kyoto: welcome to the kenshusei house

As you know, Herve, Scott, and Alex live together in an apartment with me, old man chris.  We call the apartment the Kenshusei House.

Did you ever wonder what the Mugenjuku Kenshusei House looked like?  You did?  Well, you’re in luck.  Take a gander at these fine photos…

Our building is right next to the LIFE supermarket, so it is easy to get dinner.


Just like everywhere in Japan, there are piles and piles of bicycles.  But our bicycle-parking is across from the Tozando martial arts store, so…


…we get to see samurai armor every day!



We can accept mail from anywhere in the world.  We’re just waiting for letters…




You can see Mt. Hiei from our back door.


We hang our umbrellas out just like our neighbors.  Our neighbors all know who the guys are…


“apartment 309: the Mugenjuku Kenshusei…”




We live, eat, breath aikido: even in the bathroom…



 … where O-sensei and Kancho greet us every day…




Herve uses the dogi storage room for his one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple rain suit.


There’s Wi-Fi, so Scott can listen to music when he’s cooking.


I have a private Japanese-style tatami room.


Alex uses the patio to study Japanese on the weekends.15

…and when he gets bored, he can read something great from the Kenshusei library such Angry White Pyjamas, Aikido Shugyo, Aikido Jinsei, or KansaiScene.16


If you want to practice a little aikido at Mugenjuku, please pay us a visit.  We have room for you and a futon!


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  1. Thanks for showing us inside Apartment 309 Chris. It looks very comfortable, unlike your Bed !! You really will be Old Man Chris before too long !

    • Hi, Clive. I’m flattered that you are still following the Kenshusei program. As you know, over a few years, Nick is has progressed from student to teacher, in part from your help. Nick spoke appreciatively of your help when we were roommates. Best of luck to you!!

      By the way, my bed is actually quite comfortable!! I have fewer back problems in Japan, despite doing aikido. But I don’t know if it’s from sleeping on the floor or spending a lot more time standing or walking…

      • Many thanks for your reply to me Chris. I really enjoy reading all of the Kenshusei Posts ,along with the often attached Photos. I also appreciate the time and effort that you all take to keep us informed, in what must be an often hectic and very full Week for you all.
        I have always been fascinated with Martial Arts, and knowing Nick – one of the most interesting People I have ever met – has made me an enthusiastic Follower. What a superb Career or Hobby choice for anyone prepared to go for , as well as being in Japan with Payet Sensei. Tremendous.

  2. Oh man, this post is awesome. Seriously, your best post Chris. Hats off for making my day with a good laugh. Now, if only people would have the decency to send us mail so that I can have my day made again!

    • Dang, I know. It’s like people expect us to write them first. The nerve!!


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