A Very Berry Dinner


Have you heard of the Very Berry Cafe in Kyoto? Neither had I, until I stumbled upon it with a friend last week. It was easy to spot, as it had a gigantic American flag hanging outside, visible from 3 blocks away. Being the patriotic yank that I am, I went down the road to have a peek. The Very Berry Cafe turned out to be an American-style diner…well, not really. It was more like a Hawaiian-Themed, Japanese-style waffle restaurant with a remarkably unique bathroom.

First of all, the food was really good. And while the recipes seemed like they could actually be American, I myself have never seen things like an avocado cream cheese waffle sandwich, or a BLT pancake sandwich. I can assure you, the Avocado sandwich was delish!


Secondly, the bathroom was simply brilliant. The picture doesn’t do it full justice, but you get the idea. It was like a disco party in there with a Simpsons DVD playing on repeat. I have to say, in general, the Japanese definitely know what they’re doing when it comes to bathrooms. Everything from heated toilet seats, to bidets, to the water spout that fills up the tank you can use to rinse your hands off, these bathrooms are full-on.

SO, go get yourself a funky waffle sandwich and enjoy a rerun of the Simpsons in the privacy of a disco bathroom!



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  1. The Very Berry Cafe sounds really good, but I would not use the Bathroom because I hate watching the Simpsons !! Many thanks for the Post and Pictures.



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