The First Week (and a Half)

This time has felt much longer than the calendar shows.  My mind feels tired as it has been racing along with my body throughout this training/breaking.  Having spoken with other Kenshusei graduates and instructors before coming here, I had been told that while working full-time in a non-budo/fitness oriented profession it would be impractical to be “physically ready” for the course to begin.  Having survived the first week I agree with this sentiment.  Now, surviving isn’t good enough and that’s not the mode in which I intend to operate in the coming months.  While all pains injuries and physical challenges may or may not deserve comment, I respect these stimuli as the instructional facilitators of a powerful internal confrontation.  My noisy mind is sounding alarms which call for hesitation and preservation of self, yet my spirited will demands that I continue no matter the cost.  When stepping back and observing this struggle from a distance I know the spirit wins; and by the end of this year, it will succeed in quieting my mind over to another side.

This experience has already been a personally rewarding one, but there’s much more to the story than that.  Us Kenshusei have gone through much together, and we’re all still here and fighting.  Our collective spirit and the dedication we express in supporting each other is strong.  Coming together this past weekend for a long coffee and lunch was a joyful moment of solidarity.  I’m looking forward to continuing this journey with our “strong family.”



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