One way to find your spirit!

50 minutes solid Koho ukemi (backward breakfalls)…my back is incredibly tense and painful, knees aching…throbbing when in use…Skins sore to touch from the dogi rubbing… Then 3 hours of Kihon Waza…I was just going through the motions…my mind exhausted, the pain in my back at the forefront of my mind…ukemi after ukemi (breakfall) all I could do was to focus on getting up…keep going…wanting to focus more on the technique but my mind just drained…exhausted from constant pain…the class finished I laid on the floor, 1 hour later I wakes up…I go home 2 hours later I wake up again…now it’s 0038…I lay in bed writing this on my side, to stay off my back, tiger balm spread all over my knees. I need to rest! Night all…tommorow is another day!



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