Progress report nr. 20

Another week and more things to work on. So far this week I’ve become aware that I have a hard time keeping the back leg heavy when I move forward, that I don’t make enough of a circle when I move forward in certain teqnicues, which also was apparent in my tainohenkou 1. My hyaku ukemi still needs a lot of work, not to say my Japanese.

On that note I just got the results back from the N5 test, I failed. The written part didn’t go very well but listening seems to have gone a little better. So I’ll have to try again in June, my hope is to do so well that I can take the next level in December. 

On hyaku ukemi I can only say that I need to work more, for I know what needs to be done, I need to extent my arm more, I need better timing on my jump, and I need to land correctly with my feet, I got into a bad habit while my knee was injured and it has stuck, so there is some way to go.

The circle of the foot seems to be related to my grounding problems, I have a hard time keeping connected to the floor when my foot moves in a circle, or more accurately I move only from my leg when I go forward like this. It shows in my tainohenkou 1, where I again at certain points move only from the leg, especially in the forward circle and the movements back. So here is some grounding to be worked on while moving.

The last thing was a observation by sensei. in hirikinojousei 1 my back foot has a tendensy to come of the mat when I move forward and on the way back. Through working a little on it this week, I’ve come to to see that my balance still needs a lot of work. What is happening is that I push of forward, with all my weight on the back foot, this makes the front foot land at some point a little further ahead, but the momentum is still going forward so I have to stop it by pushing with my front leg. This momentum and the push from the front makes the back leg light and some times even floaty. I’ve tried some different ways to make this better and so far the best result has come from dropping my weight downwards onto the bag leg, this naturally makes the front leg go forward and down, the problem is it does not create a lot of forward motion, so I still need to work on it.

It’s getting more and more interesting playing with how different motions affect my body. But actually i feel like I’m starting to lose focus a little bit. You can say a lot about pain and that it’s a sign of injurie, and that in general we should not strife for injurious pain. But the thing is pain is a really good teacher, it keeps you constantly aware of your body, and that you have to move in a way to not make it hurt. I’ve noticed that my seizaho has been getting sloppy and that in general forget to move from my center, this has always been something I’ve had trouble with but that should just be so much more incentive to do it all the time.

Just today we were doing some basic training, where my weaknesses were addressed in a straight forward manner. And it’s something that I’ll have to make a regular part of my training from now on. One of the tools was simply not to slide up the back foot when I step (which is the basic), this allows me to stay heavy on the back foot, and from there slide it into position for next step.

Another exercise that showed some need of improvement was stepping forward with a partner. It gives a good indication of center, but when I do it I can’t move, either the legs go farward or I push with the upper body, so I’ll have to do more work on this.

On a brighter note, today I was training with a beginner, and realized just how far I’ve come since I started. but mostly I was startled by his seizaho, from which I now understand why I was constantly having bad knees in the beginning. I used to sit down like him, to flop from side to side a drop straight down on my knee and then use the force in my knees to sit down. I still have a long way to go as I’ve already said, but sometimes I think it’s good to look back and see how far you have gotten.

Focus points for the week, if it isn’t already apperent from my post I need to work on moving from the center, to be relaxed and strong at the same time. I really want to be able to slide the feet and to keep my back foot heavy, so I’ll be working on the previously mentioned exercise and build up to full shakkoho.

On a site note I also have to work on my posture during the day, it has been getting quite bad.



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